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Trademark registration in Belarus

Legal support for trademark, logo and brand registration in Belarus

Trademark registration in Belarus is a procedure with many legal nuances. We specialize in the registration of trademarks (including international ones) in Belarus and accompany our clients at all stages: from the preparation of the application to the receipt of the registration certificate


Which authority registers trademarks in Belarus

Trademark registration functions are performed by a patent body, the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP), located in Minsk.


Who can register a trademark in Belarus (be the right holder)

A natural person (citizen) or an organization (legal entity) may apply for registration. Residents of Belarus may apply to the NCIP for registration independently, having prepared all the documents in advance, or through patent attorneys. A foreign citizen or a foreign company has the right to act in the territory of Belarus only through patent attorneys on the basis of a power of attorney. The only exception is citizens of Russia and Ukraine, who are entitled to conduct business at the patent office on their own.


International trademark registration in Belarus

The international registration of the trademark is carried out by the NCIP on the basis of the application, the attached package of documents and the state fee paid. International registration of a trademark is carried out in the case when its legal protection is required in several countries. Only citizens or organizations that are the right holders of trademarks in Belarus or applicants who have applied for registration of a trademark in the Republic of Belarus may exercise the right to international registration.


How long does it take to register a trademark in Belarus

The application for trademark registration in Belarus is considered by the NCIP within 1-1.2 years. This period begins from the moment of filing the application and ends with the issuance of a certificate of registration.


How long is the trademark registration valid and whether it can be extended

Trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application. Its validity period can be extended for 10 years unlimited number of times.


Advantages of a registered trademark from an unregistered trademark

The registered trademark has legal protection. In case of its illegal use by other persons, the right holder may initiate bringing the infringer to administrative responsibility, as well as recover compensation for illegal use. The owner of the unregistered trademark cannot boast of such privileges. Moreover, during the period of use of the unregistered trademark, another person can register it and bring you to the above mentioned responsibility.


Cost of trademark registration in Belarus

The cost of registration depends on the type of trademark and the number of classes of goods, works and services for which registration is requested. The minimum cost of trademark registration is 10 base values (for one class) + 5 base values for the second and subsequent classes.


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Legal services on trademark registration in Belarus and Minsk

Legal support during the registration of a trademark is expressed in advising on all legal nuances of the registration process and preparation of a full package of documents for its registration. In particular, our lawyers are competent in the following areas:

  • legal advice on the registration and use of trademarks;
  • drawing up an application for trademark registration in Belarus;
  • preparation of related documents for submission to the NCIP;
  • support in submitting a full package of documents to the NCIP for registration of the international trademark;
  • audit of the trademark right holder and development of legal documents for the assignment of trademark rights.


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International Recognition of Our Services

  • The Leshchinsky Smolsky Legal Office is recommended by the international legal directory IFLR1000 as the leading law practice in Belarus in the field of financial transactions

  • Danila Smolski and Pavel Leshchynski act as legal advisers to the World Bank Group as part of the preparation of a global report on doing business in the world Doing Business

  • Legal Office "Leshchynski Smolski" provides legal support to the Embassy of Germany in the Republic of Belarus regarding registration of relations with national companies

  • LSL is listed in the International Directory of IP law firms and individual patent and trademark attorneys from the country of Belarus

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